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Album Spotlight: Christmas Carnage Vol. 1

NOTE: This download is no longer available.

Hey there! With Christmas now past, I guess it is time to start posting about free music of the non-Christmas variety again. If you decided to check out some of the Christmas music I posted about in the last month and a half, I hope you enjoyed at least some of it; if not, then thanks for your patience in the meantime. I've had a great time discovering free music this past year and helping to make it available to people who might not have otherwise discovered it, so it's nice to be back here again.

Oddly enough, though this is my first post on this blog after Christmas, it was one of my "free Christmas music" searches that initially caught this offering, and no wonder - the compilation is called Christmas Carnage Vol. 1 and the cover art features a skull wearing a Santa hat. At first I thought that this would be a collection of Christmas songs done metal style, but a quick look at the track listing revealed otherwise. Rather than being a compilation of Christmas songs, this is a Christmas gift of a compilation of metal songs from artists on the Indie Recordings label - and a pretty cool one at that. Here's the catch, though: it's only available for a few more days - until January 1, 2009, to be exact. So this post will be a slight departure from my usual style - instead of offering a detailed review of the album, I'll just point you to the website so that you can download it yourself.

With 14 tracks clocking in at nearly 80 minutes, Christmas Carnage Vol. 1 is an excellent compilation of independent metal with a good range of styles - much of it is quite heavy, as you would expect, but there are also some mellower moments and some progressive moments that add a nice variety to the album. The entire compilation can be downloaded either as MP3's or a lossless format (not sure which one, as I went for the MP3's) and includes full artwork for a CD jewel case should you decide to burn your own copy. Check it out, and happy listening!



Free Christmas music

Those of you who have poked around the links on this blog enough may know that I also maintain another blog and a website dedicated solely to free Christmas music.  If you haven't visited any of those sites, now would be a great time to do so.  Since I only really update them during November and December, the blog tends to get updated far more frequently than this one does.  I've posted about a lot of great music there and I still have plenty more to go before Christmas, so if you've been looking for a free music fix lately, please go check it out!

I just added a little gadget to this blog that will display the last few posts from the Free Christmas Music blog near the top of the page; if you're reading this in an email or a feed reader, check out the blog's homepage to see it.

I hope you all have a very merry Christmas filled with great music and anything else you want, and I promise to be back here as soon as possible with more great, free music for you!