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Welcome to Totally Free Music

They say music can alter moods and talk to you.

Music makes the people come together.

Music is the best.
-Frank Zappa

These are a few of the things that have been said about music by musicians. Music is definitely one of my favourite things in life. I listen to it while I work, play, drive, cook, relax, and do just about anything else; in fact, I have music to thank for being able to be a husbsand and a father, as I met my wife in an elective music class at university. So music means quite a lot to me.

Another thing that I (and, I would bet, the majority of people) enjoy is getting things for free. It's no secret that the Internet is full of free music; it's also no secret that a lot of that music is not legally available for free. But with some clever searching and a little bit of luck, it is possible to find lots of music that is both free and legally available. With this blog, I will be highlighting some of the best free, legally available music that I have found on the Internet. If you read it regularly, you will find music from a variety of genres in formats ranging from single tracks to complete albums; occasionally, there will be real treats such as entire artists' discographies and even CDs (I'm talking about actual, physical CDs, with packaging and artwork).

With Christmas just a week away, I think it might be most appropriate to highlight some free Christmas music. For that, please check out my other blog, Free Christmas Music, and also its companion website; between the two, you will find links to dozens of websites containing free, legally downloadable Christmas music. That blog is also a good indication of how I foresee this blog working: a couple of posts a week, each one highlighting an artist, album, or song with a brief review and a link to the source website.

For the time being, I hope you are enjoying the Christmas season, no matter what you celebrate this time of year. I'll be back soon with this blog's first featured item; I already have a lot of good candidates for that, and I am just trying to decide which one would be best.

I'm free, I'm free
And freedom tastes of reality
I'm free, I'm free
And I'm waiting for you to follow me
-The Who

1 comment:

Anna said...

Wow, free LEGAL music! Awesome! You're in my bookmarks!