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Artist Spotlight: Bluebird Kid Clark

NOTE: this album may no longer be available for free, depending on where you live, since We7 changed their free download policy.
It's been a terribly long time since my last post here, and I apologize for that. Writer's block is partially to blame; I must have started about half a dozen posts, all of which are in varying degrees of completeness. On the plus side, I have still been spending my time listening to lots of awesome, totally free music, so once I can get a few coherent posts together, you'll have some great new music of a variety of styles to enjoy.

Today I would like to feature a band I have been enjoying immensely for a while now. Bluebird Kid Clark are a new pop/rock group from Manchester. Their debut album, Bottom Dollar, is currently available for free from We7. This was the second album I downloaded from We7, and after listening to its catchy, infectious melodies for a month, I did not hesitate to download the ad-free version as soon as it became available.

The first time I heard the album, I was struck by how much it sounded like The Beatles. The songs are well-written, concise, and incredibly catchy. "Stuck in a Feeling" is probably the best example - a bouncy piano melody is soon joined by a similar guitar melody for the verses, during which the vocals and instruments take turns sharing the spotlight. The chorus features some gorgeous interplay between the lead and backing vocals, each of which are singing their own distinct but complementary lines. The entire song is so upbeat and happy sounding that it never fails to put a smile on my face.

After a few more listens to the album, I began noticing other sounds and styles. "Sun in the Morning" has the kind of country rock sound that was mainly popularized by The Eagles, as do the verses of "Ray of Sunshine", which then goes on to feature another Beatles-like chorus; the interplay between these distinctly American and British styles, and in particular the ease with which this band manages to pull both of them off, has to be heard to be believed.

Elsewhere, there are some beautiful ballads, including the acoustic guitar-based "Reassured" and the piano-based album closer "Rock and Roll". All of these styles combine to make Bottom Dollar a thoroughly refreshing and rewarding listen. Bluebird Kid Clark are obviously a very talented band to have created a debut album as strong as this. I wish them every success and I hope they go very far - I really want to hear a lot more music from them.

While I wait for more music from them, I will be more than happy to continue listening to Bottom Dollar. To hear the album for yourself, please head on over to We7 and check it out. Happy listening!



southall said...

I didnt know you could take ads off songs downloaded from We7.

That's a great idea.

How do you do that?


Jeff said...

If you wait 28 days after downloading a song, you will be given the option to download an ad-free version of it. Available tracks can be found by clicking on the My music link, then on Ad-free tracks. These tracks will be exactly the same as the ones you've already downloaded, just with no ads attached to them.

Each month you get 20 free credits for downloading ad-free tracks. Once you start downloading an album or 2 a week, as I have, you get faced with having to decide exactly which tracks you want to remove the ads from each month. It's not always an easy decision, but at least it's always totally free. :)

funkyaeroplane said...


Here's 2 sources of legally free music if you didn't already know about them.

Bruce Camerons album "midnight daydream" is available for free download from his labels website:

The Brian Jonestown Massacre used to let you download all of their albums for free from their website, they are currently revamping their website but when they've finished the downloads should be available again:

greenbaby said...

Cheers mate thats a very kind review


(Bluebird Kid Clark geetar player)