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Song Spotlight: Nine Inch Nails - "Echoplex"

Trent Reznor just doesn't stop. Less than two weeks after the release of the "Discipline" single, yesterday saw the release of another single called "Echoplex". Unlike the last few free Nine Inch Nails releases, this one was released on NIN's iLike page.

"Echoplex" is a farily upbeat sounding song, with a driving drum beat reminiscent of Year Zero's "The Beginning of the End" and "Survivalism". The guitar and bass are both very prominent, and at times the vocals remind me of the end of "Somewhat Damaged" from The Fragile. In other words, it has the Nine Inch Nails stamp all over it. If you're already a fan, this track will very likely appeal to you; if not, it probably won't do much to convince you otherwise (although stranger things have happened). I just feel that Trent has been on the biggest role of his career these last few years, and I have been thoroughly enjoying all of his output; "Echoplex" is no exception.

Like "Discipline", the "Echoplex" MP3 comes with embedded lyrics and artwork, as well as a comment stating "Go to May 5". The artwork for both songs also looks like it is a part of something larger; it really looks like another new Nine Inch Nails album is just over the horizon.

So while we're all waiting to see just what it is Mr. Reznor has planned for us on Monday, please go check out "Echoplex" for yourself. Happy listening!


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