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Video Spotlight: Melissa Pierre-Louis - "Earthquake Song" (for Haiti)

This post will be a little different than my normal posts, in that there is currently no freely downloadable version of the song that it focuses on, but I think it's understandable given the circumstances.  I'm certain that you are aware of the devastating earthquake that hit Haiti last week, and also of the numerous relief efforts that are currently underway.  Haitian-American artist Melissa Pierre-Louis has rewritten the words to "Touch Someone", an original Christmas song that she released last month (and which I actually posted about on my Free Christmas Music blog - please see that post if you would like to download that version of the song).  The new version, called "Earthquake Song", can be viewed on the Operation Touch YouTube channel.  It is hoped that this song and video will help people to reach out to the people of Haiti.  I am sure that anything you can do, whether it be making a donation or just sharing this video with others to help increase their awareness of the situation, would be greatly appreciated by those who need it.  Please do whatever you can to help!


David said...

Hello Jeff

Looks like we're both back on the same wavelength again with both of us going for a charity download. :-)

Jeff said...

Absolutely - and a very good wavelength at that. :)