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Song Spotlight: Trans-Siberian Orchestra - "Believe"

I was a little surprised (but pleasantly so) to see that Trans-Siberian Orchestra have offered another song from their latest album, Night Castle, as a free download; you might recall that they previously offered "Child of the Night" as a time-limited free download.  "Believe" is the latest song to be offered, and what's interesting is that it is actually being made available for a video contest; you can download both the album version and a "radio" version to use as the soundtrack for a video of "something/anything you believe in."  I'm not particularly skilled in video creation, so I doubt I'll even attempt to enter a contest like this; however, for those who are so inclined, it looks like the prize is quite nice, so it might be worth your time.

"Believe" was originally released by Savatage on their 1991 album, Streets: A Rock Opera.  Even though this is technically a cover version, Trans-Siberian Orchestra actually evolved from Savatage, so this song is much more representative of their sound than "Child of the Night" is.  It opens quietly with piano and vocals, which are later joined by drums and distorted guitars; it is a power ballad through and through.  I really like the way the vocals are delivered in this song, and there is a beautiful guitar solo near the end of the album version (the radio version basically strips out all the instrumental sections).

Both songs are available as high quality (320 kbps) MP3s.  If anyone decides to make a video to go along with either version, please post a link to it here - I would love to take a look at anything that my readers create.  Happy listening! 


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