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Song Spotlight: Sebastian Wolff - World of Goo Piano Medley

If you enjoyed the World of Goo soundtrack, then you will very likely enjoy this song as well. Sebastian Wolff has created an awesome 14-minute piano medley of many of the songs from the soundtrack and made it available on his website (which also contains sheet music for the entire soundtrack). The melodies translate amazingly well to the piano, and Wolff performs the piece extremely well, giving it more of a classical feel. If you're a fan of solo piano music (as I have become lately, to my surprise), of World of Goo, or of video games in general, this song is well worth checking out.

I feel like I should write more here, but that's probably because I don't usually do song spotlights. You can read the previous post about the World of Goo soundtrack (and download it if you need to) if you'd like to know more about the music in this medley. Otherwise, I'd say just go and listen to this medley for yourself to see what you think (the MP3 is located about halfway down the page, below the video). Happy listening!


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