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Song Spotlight: Janet LaValley - "It's All Right With Me"

While I'm thinking of Tribe again, this would be a good time to mention a great song that first surfaced nearly a year ago in MP3 form (better late than never - especially considering that it was recorded more than a decade ago). After Tribe disbanded in the mid-1990s, their lead singer, Janet LaValley, recorded a solo album entitled Extraordinary Popular Delusions (and the Madness of Crowds). Unfortunately, that album was never released (her official website makes a reference to the record label having its collective head in a rather anatomically impossible position as the reason). However, last May, Janet sent an MP3 of one of the songs from the album to the webmaster of her site, who promptly made it available for fans to download. The song is called "It's All Right With Me", and compared to what I've heard from Tribe, this song is heavier and more aggressive, reminding me somewhat of Hole. Janet's vocals don't soar to the heights she reached on Tribe songs like "Outside", but they are still as powerful as ever. If you've enjoyed listening to what Tribe has to offer, then "It's All Right With Me" is well worth a listen.

If you enjoy this song and somehow missed my post from yesterday about Tribe's Here at the Home album, you should know that you can still download a high quality copy of that album from this link for a few more days.

Happy listening!


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