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Song Spotlight: Sofia Talvik - "Strawberries On My Tongue"

In one of the best uses of Twitter I have yet seen, Swedish singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Sofia Talvik has made her new summer single, "Strawberries On My Tongue", available for the "price" of one tweet. If you're already a Twitter user, downloading the single is as simple as entering your Twitter login details on the download page; if not, just head over to the Twitter site and set up your own account. While you're there, you may want to check out Sofia's profile so that you can begin following her and receiving her updates; that's how I found out about this single, and I was able to download it within minutes of its release.

As you might expect from its branding as a summer single, "Strawberries On My Tongue" is a celebration of everything about summer. Everything about it is very mellow and laid back, from the piano and acoustic guitar to the hushed vocals and the sound of ocean waves in the background. Also included in the 15 MB download is a live recording of the song featuring Sofia and her band as well as special guest Steafan Hannigan. The live version features slightly different instrumentation and is a little bit faster than the studio version, which is a refreshing change of pace from artists who play their songs note for note in concert.

Though it's not yet summer anywhere on this planet, listening to "Strawberries On My Tongue" might make you feel like it is (even if you have a frost warning in your overnight forecast, as I do!). Happy listening!

Update: I have been informed by Ms. Talvik that it's rain in the background, not waves - evidently Swedish summers are rainy.  :D


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